Collection: Haw Ridge Park

Put the maps away! Let our local guides create a personalized guided ride for you at Haw Ridge Park. 

Haw Ridge is one of the area’s longest standing trail systems. It is beloved for its 33 miles of natural, hand built single track that truly captures mountain biking. 

Riders can enjoy the perimeter trails that often go right along the lake’s edge, or climb up the ridge trails for some technical, steep climbs and descents that will give any rider a thrill. 

Haw ridge is suitable for both E-bikes, and analog bikes. E-bikes may have an advantage to access the steeper climbs and descents in some areas of the park. 

This park is sensitive to rainfall. It is not recommended to ride after heavy rainfall or when it is muddy here. 

Get in touch with us to plan a customized trip just for you at Haw Ridge.