Collection: Concord Park

Let our local guides take you on a personalized ride on Concord’s 12 miles of beautiful single track.

Concord Park, in Knox County is located on the shores of Fort Loudoun Lake off of Northshore Drive in West Knox County. 

The first trailhead at Concord features a zone with 8 miles of challenging, natural terrain single track trails. The trail head is located behind the Tennis courts and the par 3 golf course, marked by a trail information kiosk. 

The second trailhead is located West of the fishing bridge just East of the fishing club. This area features 4 miles of flowing, buff, single track, including a downhill only jump line. This newer zone also features technical rock sections that will test your balance skills on the bike. 

Concord is great for E-bikes or Analog bikes. 

These trails are weather sensitive, and daily updates are posted by the AMBC updating trail closures related to rain fall. 

Please visit to view whether Concord is open for riding.