Year-Round Get Down - Knoxville, Tennessee

Year-Round Get Down - Knoxville, Tennessee

The Year-Round Get Down is also known as Marie Meyers Park. Sandwiched between Hastie and Baker Creek preserve, YRGD was the first dedicated city park in South Knoxville. For mountain bikers, it’s considered the rowdy cousin of Baker Creek. There is plenty of gravity and flow, it just comes in a gnarlier form with lots of rocks, on continuous descents. Similar to Baker, YRGD is a zone for those who don’t mind pedaling up for downhill action.  The network is a top-down set-up with all descents accessed from the top. The return trail uphill is a wider gravel route that’s a steady and straightforward climb. Both drop-ins are approachable with Victor Ashe being the smooth and fast option. The more advanced, Party in the Woods trail, gets it going with rocks right from the top.

From the top of YRGD you can think of progressing your skills from right to left. Starting with Victor Ashe gives you all the feels in a lot of flow and fun. It’s smooth, fast, and tight, sometimes known as the “one without rocks”. Keep in mind, you don’t need that much speed to bring out the whoops. This trail definitely has a nice roller-coaster feeling. Party in the Woods is exactly what the name indicates, it’s a hoot every time you ride it. Part rocks and part flow, Party in the Woods is the happy medium of all the trails in YRGD. It keeps you on your toes with rock gardens as well as armored berms and rollers. There is also mixed plenty of opportunity for airtime with optional jumps sprinkled in here and there.

Giddy Up and Plan B  have rocks from top to bottom, making them advanced and expert routes. Giddy Up is as aesthetically pleasing as the ride experience itself. The craftsmanship in the construction is like nothing else in Knoxville. Plan B is an enticing alternative start on Giddy Up. There are plenty of rocks in a less predictable layout – it’s a little less refined than Giddy Up. It simulates a truly advanced backcountry experience with chunky off-camber naturally occurring rock ledges.

In the lower reaches of YRGD is Rip Cord, another playful trail. With a mix of fast trails and small rock-armored jumps, this trail is perfect for a few laps before you head back up to the top of the hill.

The Year-Round Get Down is the best place in the Urban Wilderness to ride throughout the winter or during wet weather times.

Words @ Photos -  The Wide Eyed World

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